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Notes From One of the Best Conversations I’ve Ever Had

Social networks allow you to start conversations with both people you already know, and also would like to speak with, but may not personally know. They also offer a small glimpse into who the individuals are, what they do, how they communicate, and even what they look like. Twitter might be the forerunner for this scenario, and “cold-Tweeting” is the modern, more transparent “cold-call”.

In an era where these “cold-calls” are not just difficult, but also inconvenient, I decided to “cold-Tweet” SoulPancake’s CEO, Shabnam Mogharabi (@shabster), to see if I could have a conversation with her to learn more about the content that her team produces, as well as her thoughts on the media industry, human connections, meaningful conversations, and the future of everything in between. If you don’t already know SoulPancake, please watch some of their videos. They aim to create a space online where people of all walks of life can come together to talk about spirituality, personal journeys, emotions, and experiences in a variety of ways. SoulPancake is unapologetically positive, and they produce both quirky and serious content that entertains, engages, and even tackles tough topics.

They are frequently the force behind some of my favorite videos, stories, and inspirations on the web, likely ones you have seen too. Here’s what Shabnam and I discussed during what turned out to be one of the best conversations of my life!

Social Media Week: How does SoulPancake bridge the online-to-offline gap?Shabnam Mogharabi: “We’re constantly looking to create conversations around the human experience, as well as engaging individuals with some of life’s biggest questions. Sometimes this is digital only, but many times we’ll create “larger than life” experiences, such as art installations or huge props for people to encounter and engage with during everyday activities.


Social Media Week: How will social media continue to evolve, will it ever be replaced, or both?

Shabnam Mogharabi: “Social will definitely continue to evolve, but I see so much of the Internet going through something a bit more scientific and formulated, specifically a digital version of ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs,’ which has a few layers to it. As humans, we have basic needs such as food, shelter, and sex. The next tier of needs is a social sphere, such as friends, family, and support. After that is self-expression, such as art, ideas, performance. And the final tier is ‘self-actualization’ which is finding ways to feel internal fulfillment, happiness, and an understanding of the world beyond personal existence. Every human works towards that final tier, and the Internet is going through the same evolution.

We all know what “cold-calling” is, and for various reasons, I’m assuming it has a negative connotation to you. Why is that? Honestly, I don’t know, however, in 2015, and truthfully, since Twitter emerged in 2006, the principles and motivations behind “cold-calling” flipped.

The Internet existed, and then comes things like Amazon (things), email (communications), Google (information), and online porn (sex), all of which represent that first “basic needs” tier. Next comes MySpace, Friendster, and representing social communities. After that is YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest which allow us to say, ‘look at me, and see my art!’ The next phase is the digital equivalent and pyramid point of self-actualization; technology and communications that help us achieve happiness and contentment, which the next wave of websites and social communities will deliver. We need to go through all these online layers before reaching that peak.”

Social Media Week: What are some things that any content creator can and should do?Shabnam Mogharabi: “Start making stuff, start producing content, and start engaging with your audience, even if it’s just 150 friends of yours. When you decide to start launching content to that audience, make it a point to post regularly so that you get better and better every time. You’ll have some crappy content, and you’ll have some amazing content, but just be consistent. SoulPancake and many other companies are always looking out for creators and content that aligns with the brand and mission, and if you’re creating consistently and passionately, someone will eventually see it.”

Comment from editor: Though computers, the Inernet, Social Media, etc. is kind of a futuristic technology issue for many of Us, the real conversation is as human as most of Us. Don’t be affraid to spread your message, eventually someone will here it.


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